Welcome to the Small Biotechnology Business Coalition

The Small Biotechnology Business Coalition (SBBC) is an advocacy organization for America’s small, innovative biotechnology, health IT, diagnostics and medical device companies. We advocate for government programs and policies that help small bio-and health tech firms bring innovative products and technologies to market, thereby creating sustainable economic and job growth, curing or mitigating many diseases, and ultimately reducing health care costs.

Engaging the new Administration & Congress on Behalf of Biotech and Health Technology Entrepreneurs

SBBC is actively engaging the Trump Administration and 115th Congress in the following areas.

Commercialization of NIH funded R&D

In December 2016, the SBBC wrote to designated HHS Secretary Tom Price urging that newly appointed NIH Director have experience in the commercialization of life science research.

We have also proposed the creation of Commercialization Advisory Councils to give small businesses a seat at the table in setting funding priorities at the largest institutes at the NIH. These Councils would recommend the levels of SBIR allocations each year along with policies to improve the SBIR review process. The Councils would also ensure that adequate funding is allocated to academic researchers to reproduce and validate their discoveries in order to reduce the time and costs of small businesses that license technologies from universities. Click here to download details.

Moderating Regulatory Burdens

Overly burdensome and unpredictable regulations by the FDA and SEC discourage investment in small companies at the forefront of delivering innovative lifesaving cures to patients. SBBC has been successfully engaged with the FDA and Congress since 2012 in urging restraint in their planned regulation of laboratory developed tests (LDTs). In November 2016, the FDA announced LINK that it was suspending its LDT Regulatory Guidance.

SBBC successfully lobbied the SEC when it was implementing the JOBS Act regulations to permit general solicitation of investors, a form of crowdfunding, with only modest burdens verification of accredited investor status.

Encouraging Investments through Tax Credits

We have developed and advocated for a federal investor tax credit program to stimulate investment in riskier technology ventures such as the life sciences.